Chakhna Makhna Wich – A B4 Party Lounge

            Specially curated menu for taste-buds


Paneer Tikka                                                                     Rs. 250.00

Fresh cottage cheese marinated in traditional style and grilled. 

Baked Mushrooms                                                           Rs. 200.00

Button mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese and baked

Cheese Paneer balls                                                        Rs. 300.00

Fresh Cottage Cheese stuffed with Cheese and herbs 

Dahi Kebab                                                                         Rs. 250.00

kebabs made of fresh curd and herbs

Baby Pizza                                                                           Rs. 200.00

Small size pizza with Cottage Cheese, Olives, Basil leaves as toppings

French Fries with Cheese n Olives                               Rs. 200.00

French fries tossed with Cheese and Olives

Saute’ Kala Chana                                                           Rs. 150.00

Boiled black gram (Kala Chana) tossed in butter and special home made spices

Cheese-olive puri                                                              Rs. 250.00

Puri with Feta Cheese, herbs and Olives as toppings

Baked & Grilled Baby Potatoes                                    Rs. 250.00

Baked/ grilled Baby potatoes marinated with spices and herbs 

Litti- Chokha                                                                     Rs. 300.00

Most popular dish from Bihar – Stuffed with sattu and served with mix of mashed potatoes, brinjal and tomatoes

Sesame Chicken Strips                                                   Rs. 300.00

Chicken Strips marinated in traditional style tossed with Tomato puree, herbs and sesame seeds

Crispy Chicken Strips                                                    Rs. 300.00

Marinated Chicken Strips coated with egg and cooked in home made orange sauce

Bhuna Mutton                                                                 Rs. 500.00

A traditional dish from Jharkhand – ribs and front legs of goat cooked with least spices without using onion and garlic

Chicken Balls                                                                  Rs. 350.00

Minced chicken cooked with herbs and fresh cream

Butter Chicken Tangdi                                                      Rs. 350.00

Grilled chicken legs coated with traditional butter chicken spices with some twist

Grilled Chicken Breast                                                 Rs. 300.00

Marinated chicken breast grilled and topped with herbs

Egg Pakoda                                                                     Rs. 200.00

Egg mixed with coriander, green chillies and other herbs

Saute’ Boiled Eggs                                                         Rs. 200.00

Another dish from Jharkhand – Boiled eggs sauted with onions, garlic and coriander leaves

Butter-Garlic Prawns                                                 Rs. 400.00

Prawns cooked with butter and garlic to preserve the original taste of fresh prawns

Grilled Fish Fillets                                                         Rs. 400.00

Fresh fish fillets marinated with basic spices and grilled

Chicken Potli                                                                   Rs. 350.00

Minced Chicken balls wrapped in a multi-grain flour potli and steamed